Mr Abraham Poni

Here are a few stills from a Film Clip I started shooting yesterday. It’s a fun project & I’m looking forward to the next stage. Thanks to Lite M Up for the sexy kenos, my trusty little X100 & Abraham Poni :)

01_DSF2979 02_DSF2954 03_DSF2986 04_DSF2968

Phase One IQ260

My new Phase One IQ260 finally arrived from Denmark today. It’s only the 3rd in Melbourne & the 5th in Australia! I can’t wait to take a few pics on it later today :)

My New PhaseOne IQ260


On Saturday night, May 25th I photographed these locals. I’d just finished 12 days straight on 2 big advertising jobs throughout country Victoria. It’s always good getting back to the studio and Collingwood. How could I not keep on shooting when you have talent like this. Thanks Guys! :)

Vere St Milk Bar Vere St Milk Bar

Chair For Sale

I found this lovely man selling this amazing chair at Camberwell Market last Sunday. It was made in 1939 and his father had it all the way through World War 2. I’II look after it!!!

Kubra & Co. 3.4.2013

I met Kubra out the front of my studio late on Friday. With those eyes I had to take her portrait! Once her friends noticed they ran up the street so I got them in a shot also. To say thanks, I slipped her a fifty and asked her to buy the crew drinks from the milk bar next door. This shoot finished off my long day well :)